Program Application and Fellow Obligations

Maria Small

Students from all disciplines and first year, sophomore, and junior undergraduate students are encouraged to apply to the Pulte Institute Student Fellowship. Although the program is primarily geared toward first years, upper class men and women, and graduate students may also apply. Currently, we would encourage students to apply directly to one of the programs we are partnering with, which are Social Entrepreneur Corps and Entrepreneurship in South Africa (EESA). In order to be considered for financial assistance, please indicate this on the partner application. Students are welcome to submit their own project proposal including a budget to Jennifer Krauser ( for consideration. 

Deadlines to be aware of:                                     

Partial or Full scholarship will be considered for students that apply by their respective program deadline or by March 10, 2021. Special consideration during the application process will be given to:

  • students with 3.2 GPA or higher
  • students declared under the Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor
  • First Year, Sophomore, or Junior undergraduate students
  • students who have taken or plan to take a course in Social Innovation or Social Entrepreneurship
  • applicants that can explain how their current and future goals align with the internship experience

Summer Pulte Institute Student Fellow Obligations

Upon acceptance to the program, all interns agree to: 

  • Submit a bi-weekly update during the internship, as well as a final report to the Pulte Institute. The final report must contain details about all project-related activities carried out during the internship period. A template for both reports is provided to each intern in advance of their departure. The final report is due no later the two months after the completion of the internship. 
  • Meet with the appropriate point of contact at the Pulte Institute once returning to campus after the conclusion of their internship.
  • Pay for any tax-related obligations under federal, state, and/or local laws that they incur during the internship period. 
  • Adhere to all requirements set forth by the in-country managing organization. 
  • Adhere to all Notre Dame Undergraduate Student International Travel Policies.
  • Adhere to all Notre Dame Student Code of Conduct Policies
  • Register with Notre Dame International and complete all travel paperwork and orientation training before departure.
  • Attend a Pulte Institute-hosted pre-departure orientation during the spring semester before departure.

These obligations do not include the scope of work that fellows arrange with their in-country managing organization. Each fellow will have a unique scope of work with their managing organization that is agreed upon beforehand.