Fellowship Eligibility and Requirements

Maria Small

Undergraduate students from all disciplines (excluding seniors) are encouraged to apply to the Pulte Institute Student Fellowship program. Although the program is primarily geared toward undergraduates, graduate students may also apply. Currently, the program is partnering with Social Entrepreneur Corps and Entrepreneurship in South Africa


Apply to one of the Programs listed or submit a proposal to Sarah Genz.

To be considered for financial assistance for these programs, students should apply to the programs directly and indicate their financial needs. Students are interested in interning with the Mandela Washington Fellowship program, an impact investing firm, Beneficial Returns, or would like to develop their proposal. In that case, they should email Sarah Genz (sgenz@nd.edu) for more information and assistance.

Deadlines to be aware of:                                     

Funding to support SEI Minors will be prioritized until February 6, 2023. After that date, all students will be considered with the following criteria: 

  • Students in good academic standing
  • Students declared under the Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor
  • students who have taken or plan to take a course in SEI
  • applicants who can explain how their current and future goals align with the internship experience

Students will be informed by email if they are selected to receive a Pulte Institute Student Fellowship

Directors of EESA and SEC will send a list of acceptable candidates that need financial assistance to the Pulte Institute. The Pulte Institute will consider fellowship support on a rolling basis and will notify students by email if they are selected to receive a Pulte Institute Student Fellowship. Students must read and sign an award letter before the support is provided to the organization. In addition, individual student projects or internships will be considered, which may require direct payment to students.

Summer Pulte Institute Student Fellow Obligations

Upon acceptance to the program, all interns agree to the following: 

  • Correspond with the Program Manager during the internship
  • Submit a final report/deliverable and a 2-page reflection to the Pulte Institute within two months of the conclusion of the internship. 
  • Submit a headshot, and at least one field photograph of the global impact
  • following any tax obligation under federal, state & local laws
  • Adhere to all requirements set forth by the in-country managing organization. 
  • Adhere to all Notre Dame Undergraduate Student International Travel Policies.
  • Adhere to all Notre Dame Student Code of Conduct Policies
  • Register with Notre Dame International and complete all travel paperwork and orientation training before departure.
  • follow all requirements set forth by the managing organization;

These obligations do not include the scope of work that fellows arrange with their in-country managing organization. Each fellow will have a unique range of work with their managing organization that is agreed upon beforehand.