Pulte Institute Policy and Practice Visiting Associates Program

Final Visiting Associates Program


The Pulte Institute seeks policy and practice experts on today’s most compelling global issues for its Policy and Practice Visiting Associates Program.

Visiting Associates can spend 2 to 8 weeks on campus or participate in a variable-length hybrid residency, which includes a short campus visit. Visiting Associates works with the Pulte Institute to write evidence-based, strategic publications to positively influence global development policy and practice.

During their time in the program, Visiting Associates complete:

  • A primary policy paper presenting key evidence from their past work and clear policy recommendations; 
  • A policy brief, co-authored with a member of the Pulte Institute, presenting the primary findings and policy recommendations of the larger report;
  • A policy blog post summarizing findings and recommendations.

The Visiting Associates Program welcomes both individual applicants and organizational partnerships. The Pulte Institute will connect Visiting Associates with University of Notre Dame faculty, researchers, and centers relevant to their areas of interest and study.

Visiting Associates and their home organization, if applicable, commit to joint outreach for the strategic publications they produce at Notre Dame for the mutual benefit of both entities. The Visiting Associate or their home organization fully owns the policy paper.

The co-authored policy brief and blog post are owned by the Pulte Institute and contribute to the Pulte Institute Policy Brief Series.

Pulte recruits Visiting Associates whose work and proposed policy publications align with our priority advocacy areas and present clear policy recommendations. We’re actively recruiting applicants with expertise in the following areas:

  • Poverty and Inequality
  • Migration and Forced Displacement
  • Development Effectiveness and Local Capacity Building
  • Water Security and Energy Transition
  • Global Education
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Global Health

Previous Visiting Associates and their policy publications are on the Visiting Associates Program Publications page. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and accepted applicants work with the Pulte Institute to determine a timeline for their campus residency and/or virtual timeline. The program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of qualified applicants.

Under specific circumstances, a fully remote version of the program is possible. Please note that the Visiting Associates program cannot fund new research efforts. While time and connections to Notre Dame experts can be used for further analysis of evidence, Visiting Associates should be well beyond the data collection or program implementation stage.

Applicants are welcome to submit multiple proposals within their application if they have multiple policy-relevant proposal concepts. 

Applicants may apply individually or through a partnership between their organization and the Pulte Institute. The Pulte Institute administers the Visiting Associates Program in close partnership with Notre Dame's Keough School of Global Affairs and also works with various other colleges, schools, institutes, centers, and initiatives across the University to fund these positions.

For questions or to submit your applications and materials, please email Visiting Associates Program Director Ed Jurkovic (@ejurkovi@nd.edu). 

The following documents are needed to apply:

  • Current CV
  • Proposal, which must include:
    • Overview of the proposed topic and the key evidence supporting your policy publications. This overview should clearly connect to one of the Pulte Institute's areas of interest.
    • Proposed policy recommendations (these can be tentative).
    • Proposed policy audience.
    • Potentials for outreach and dissemination of the completed works (journal submissions, events, panels, conferences, etc.)
    • Suggested timeline.
    • ND centers, staff, or faculty you hope to co-author or collaborate with (optional).

View and download publications from Policy and Practice Visiting Associates.