The Pulte Institute, an integral part of the Keough School of Global Affairs, works in over 70 countries with hundreds of partners worldwide to turn research into effective policies to address poverty-related issues.

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New Research Shines Light on Child Labor

New Research Shines Light on Child Labor

Pulte’s Danice Brown Guzmán and ND BIG Lab’s Eva Dziadula’s research study in Nepal reveals the complex relationship between child labor and school attendance, highlighting gender disparities and differing perceptions between children and adults.

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Areas We Work In


The Earth’s environment and scarce resources must be stewarded with ever-increasing care as the health of the environment is integrally linked to a flourishing global society. At the Pulte Institute, we collaborate with faculty conducting research on climate, energy, water, and sustainable cities and examine how these issues affect global poverty and inequality.


Billions of dollars are spent annually to address the 65+ million refugees and migrants displaced by conflict, natural disaster, or severe lack of economic opportunity. At the Pulte Institute, we work to integrate sustainable development practices into humanitarianism work and policy in order for crisis interventions to be successful and sustainable.

Effective States and Development

Good governance and effective states are integral to the realization of the SDGs. At the Pulte Institute, we focus on aid effectiveness and policy in the poorest of nations by researching existing programs, evaluating donor agency innovations, and designing new approaches and policies to deliver more effective aid; all in order to ensure states and their policies work for the people.

Business in Development

The private sector is increasingly outspending the public sector in global development investment, but is also faced with challenging ethical dilemmas in nations with weak institutions and corruption. At the Pulte Institute, we provide a home for discussions on ethical and sustainable supply chain performance, social entrepreneurship, and public-private partnerships, among other topics.

Global Health

In a globalized world, disease moves quickly across borders and many global and national public health systems are weak and inadequate. At the Pulte Institute, we seek to take the knowledge developed by Notre Dame researchers to field practitioners, who are on the front lines in developing countries and can put these findings to work.

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