Research & Policy

At the Pulte Institute for Global Development, we see research, policy, and practice as intimately linked. In today’s development landscape, the role of NGOs in the northern hemisphere in delivering large-scale service delivery programs is fast giving way to a new generation of indigenous NGOs in the southern hemisphere, who are taking on these roles. These rising southern NGOs are, at the same time, challenging their governments to assume a greater share of responsibility and accountability for the protection of the rights and welfare of their citizens.

In today's development landscape, distinction between research, policy, and practice is fast disappearing. Today, one does practice with the goal of creating an evidence base for policy or new research propositions. The Pulte Institute is already operating on the ground in numerous countries where it is either evaluating ongoing programs of major funders or co-implementing program pilots with indigenous NGOs, with the goal of testing these programs’ efficacy in national or international settings.

The Pulte Institute is uniquely positioned within the Keough School to engage in research, policy, and practice with entities across and outside of the University.