Building and leveraging partnerships is more than just an aspiration or annual metric at the Pulte Institute for Global Development. It is a fundamental part of our mission to address global poverty and inequality as international challenges require interdisciplinary solutions.

We work to serve as a bridge between faculty research and teaching interests at the University of Notre Dame and the global development community, including the public and private actors working in development. We are also fortunate to work with generous and passionate individuals and families who seek to do good in the world. The Pulte Institute helps these donors strategically shape their vision and then implement it and track the impact.

Through these strategic partnerships with institutions and individuals, the Institute has the capacity to work in nearly any geography. 

Institutional Partners

The Pulte Institute has developed a wide spectrum of partnerships outside of the University with private and public entities, including local, regional, and national governments; corporations, foundations, and small businesses; non-governmental organization (NGOs) and non-profits; and think tanks, research centers, and other institutions of higher education. 

Our over 400 institutional partnerships—in addition to the personal networks of our experienced, well-networked staff—enable the Institute to convene a unique set of both internal and external stakeholders to share publications, lessons learned, and research translating evidence to practice. Learn more.

Individual and Family Donors

At the Pulte Institute, we are immensely grateful for the support we receive through individual and family gifts at all levels, which have supported or created many of our projects and programs over the years. Giving to the Institute can be as simple as a small cash contribution through our secure donation page, or working with us on a larger project gift, which can be used to support or create specific, highly visible global development projects and/or programs in a satisfying, tangible way that can leave a sustainable legacy around the globe for generations to come. Learn more.

Notre Dame Faculty, Students, and Researchers

The Pulte Institute's work with our larger private and public partners is made possible, in part, through our one-on-one partnerships with faculty, students, and researchers right here at the University of Notre Dame. At the Institute, there is a wide range of exciting academic, research, and professional opportunities for Notre Dame personnel to take advantage of. Learn more.