The Pulte Institute's Education & Entrepreneurship Division supports unique, formative courses in the Keough School of Global Affairs that expose both undergraduate and graduate students from all academic backgrounds to all facets of social entrepreneurship, innovation, and intrapreneurship.

These courses support entrepreneurial students who wish to create their own enterprises and teach them how to conceptualize, develop, launch, and grow sustainable global development models. Additionally, these courses support intrapreneurial students who wish to work and lead innovatively within existing public or private organizations.

Spring 2021 Courses

SEI 30552: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Melissa Paulsen
3 credits

This course explores concepts such as microfinance, MSME (Micro-Small-Medium Enterprise) development, bottom of the pyramid, fair trade, and impact investing–with a focus on their opportunity for social impact, and as a vehicle for wealth creation in vulnerable and disenfranchised communities across the globe. Further, the course covers examples of various social enterprise models (for-profit, non-profit, hybrid), requiring students to analyze and devise strategies to improve the efficacy of these ventures.

SEI 40834: Marketing of Social Initiatives, Causes, and Ventures
Michael Morris
3 credits

This class explores the use of marketing principles and concepts to support initiatives, causes and ventures that are social in nature. Attention is devoted to the marketing and communication challenges involved when attempting to do good, and how these issues can be overcome without spending large amounts of money. Sample topics include identifying and understanding target markets for social initiatives, constructing a value proposition, developing positioning approaches, designing communication programs, use of guerrilla techniques, the roles of price and place, and how to set goals and measure performance.

Credit hours of both courses contribute to the:

Global Affairs Supplementary Major International development studies concentration; or

Minor in International Development Studies — Kellogg Institute for International Studies