Corporate Impact Program

In response to the wide-ranging needs of people around the world, the Pulte Institute for Global Development is committed to serving the common good. Notre Dame is seeking partnerships with global corporations in order to improve the lives of people in need worldwide.

The Corporate Impact Program resides within the Pulte Institute to help corporations scale projects and innovate, measure the impact of overseas corporate responsibility endeavors, provide business analytics and strategy, and help companies acquire and retain talent. For additional information about the Corporate Impact Program, view our brochure here.

The Institute places a high value on corporate collaborations. We have created the Corporate Impact Program for organizations who support projects at the level of $50,000 or above (or $25,000 in unrestricted gifts) annually. Based on best practices for partnership with the private sector, universities, NGOs, government, and corporations can enjoy shared value and multi-faceted solutions which create:

  • talent attraction and retention in the U.S. and key markets
  • greater scale to projects and innovation
  • political and social stability
  • greater brand awareness in emerging markets
  • intellectual leadership
  • emerging market analysis
  • evaluation research to measure results


The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders 
IBM, Coca-Cola, Bisk, Capsim

  • 25 Africans from 19 countries trained in business and entrepreneurship at Notre Dame as part of this U.S. Department of State program
  • began in 2014 and will continue for five years

The CE3 Project: Connectivity, Electricity, and Education for Entrepreneurship
Accenture, Lenovo, HP

  • solar microgrids installed in Northern Uganda communities, providing power for over 4,000 students
  • 173 people trained in entrepreneurship
  • 20 businesses created from the new power source
  • 42 jobs created due to the new ecosystem
  • survey of local businesses completed in Northern Uganda to measure the viability of increased use of solar energy
  • 60 low powered computer and five printers provided to BOSCO-Uganda community learning centers by HP
  • 100 low powered computers provided to Uganda and South African community learning centers by Lenovo

Mobile Health Technology Impact Evaluation

  • measuring the impact of mobile text messaging on health-seeking behavior
  • 11 percent decline in iIlness among children whose mothers received text messages about clinic services

If you are interested in discussing a partnership with the Pulte Institute, please contact us by email, or by phone at 574-631-2940.