Zielsdorf Family Partnership for Corporate Engagement

Bob and Fran Zielsdorf

The private sector increasingly outspends governments and the rest of the public sector in global development investment. Investments from the private sector will shape nations as well as impact businesses in communities throughout the world.

The role of the private sector as a development actor is new. It creates challenging ethical dilemmas for organizations as they collaborate with nations with weak institutions and widespread corruption, robbing these countries of the necessary resources to drive their development.

Recognizing the potential within this shifting landscape, Bob and Fran Zielsdorf made a generous gift to the Pulte Institute in 2018 to establish the Zielsdorf Family Partnership for Corporate Engagement, which enabled the Pulte Institute to strengthen their existing corporate partnerships and take their work with the private sector to the next level.

With this support from the Zielsdorf Family, the Pulte Institute has built and maintained strong, collaborative partnerships with the private sector. Pulte Institute personnel have been able to attend key industry conferences, collaborate with leaders in the private sector, and establish new connections between on-campus and other institutional partners to collaborate on significant projects, bringing the expertise of the private sector to the Institute's work.

The Zielsdorf Family Partnership has provided support to many of our Pulte Institute projects since 2018 connected to the private sector and in collaboration with our corporate partners, including:

· The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

· Belize Response Initiative for Cold Chain Development

· Planning for Inclusive Growth: Building the Workforce of the Future

· Realizing Human Rights for Water in Industry

· Private Sector Engagement and its Evidence Gap Map

· Chagas Disease Prevention

· Impact Storytelling with AbbVie Foundation

· Future of Work Conference

· Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor