Future of Work Conference

Funded by: Citi Foundation, City of South Bend, University of Notre Dame, and the Zielsdorf Family PartnershipCountry: United StatesDate Range: 2019Project Lead: McKenna Center for Human Development and Global BusinessNotre Dame Collaborators: McKenna Center for Human Development and Global Business, Pulte InstituteContact: Melissa Paulsen

The future of work is under threat from artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, with a majority of jobs affected being concentrated in the Midwest. Organizations have yet to determine how and if the future of work will yield positive or negative outcomes for the global workforce.

Recognizing the need for interdisciplinary dialogue on this key issue, the Citi Foundation, the University of Notre Dame, City of South Bend, and the Zielsdorf Family Partnership for Corporate Engagement convened key thought leaders in June 2019 to discuss the future of work. Organized in partnership by the Pulte Institute and the McKenna Center for Human Development and Global Business, both part of Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs, the conference brought more than 150 attendees from across the U.S. to gain both a domestic and global perspective on the challenges of automation facing states with rich, industrial traditions, such as Indiana.

Delegates heard from 38 distinguished speakers, including former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, over three immersive days of interactive panels and site visits. The University has plans to build on the momentum of the conference and work with the City of South Bend to research this issue further in 2020.

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