USAID Paraguay Rule of Law and Culture of Integrity

Funded by: USAIDCountry: ParaguayDate Range: 2020 - 2023Project Lead: Pulte InstituteContact: Ed Jurkovic

The USAID Paraguay Rule of Law and Culture of Integrity (ROLCI) program, seeks to strengthen Paraguayan higher education institutions to improve the rule of law and culture of anti-corruption in Paraguay. To achieve this goal, the program has three expected outcomes: 1) Strengthen Higher Education Institutions; 2) Conduct research and/or technical analysis to enrich discussions over Rule of Law and anti-corruption reforms; and, 3) Improve the quality of legal services.

The Pulte Institute for Global Development is leading targeted initiatives to support these outcomes. These efforts are designed to support the strengthening of Paraguayan institutions through partnership and collaboration. These include:

  • An assessment of legal education within Paraguayan Higher Education Institutions, informing curricular development and professional certification efforts; followed by targeted capacity exchange through activities such as communities of practice, guides, mentorship to promote active learning and other curricular and administrative reforms
  • Targeted research focused on the judicial system, in collaboration with Paraguayan researchers
  • The strengthening of research and teaching capacity at the Paraguayan Higher Education Institutions through multiple capacity strengthening workshop series
  • The development of further reports and research projects related to the judicial sector, with Paraguayan collaborators
  • The strengthening of legal practice through professional development training and support in the development of a professional legal certification exam for graduating and practicing lawyers

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