Edward Jurkovic

Email: ejurkovi@nd.edu
Phone: (574) 631-9856

Edward Jurkovic

Senior Program Manager

Areas of Expertise:
- International Exchange Programs
- Entrepreneurship Capacity Building
- Education

Edward Jurkovic is a senior program manager with the Pulte Institute’s Entrepreneurship and Education Division. His work focuses on proposal development and project management for international development programs, specifically those related to economic and educational advancement.

Before joining the Pulte Institute, Jurkovic taught through the Alliance for Catholic Education Teaching Fellowship. He provided instruction, curricular development, and administrative project management at St. John the Evangelist Notre Dame ACE Academy, an experimental Catholic school implementing pioneering educational policy. After completing his fellowship, Jurkovic worked as a high school teacher, developing and teaching resource courses to assist academically deficient students.

Jurkovic holds a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in information technology management from the University of Notre Dame.