Tshumbe Solar Project

Funded by: GE, Private DonorsCountry: Democratic Republic of the CongoDate Range: 2011-2014Project Lead: Pulte InstituteNotre Dame Collaborators: College of EngineeringContact: Michael Sweikar

The University of Notre Dame, led by the energy experts in the Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame and with the help of local staff, successfully constructed and installed a solar hybrid microgrid for the Universite de Notre Dame de Tshumbe (UNITSHU), in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The microgrid, complete with battery storage and a diesel backup, allows for a cheaper and more dependable form of electricity where it was previously unavailable. This electricity will allow for the operation of a computer lab, study halls, security lighting, and a phone charging kiosk for students. The university is now able to afford power for more than a few hours per week, leading to increased class time, advanced computer classes, and allowing students to study during the evening hours.






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