Forgiveness and Peacebuilding

Funded by: Fetzer InstituteCountry: UgandaDate Range: 2014-2015Project Lead: Center for Civil & Human RightsNotre Dame Collaborators: Pulte InstituteContact: Michael Sweikar

The Forgiveness and Peacebuilding Project investigated the power of forgiveness to build peace in the wake of large-scale violence. The research was conducted in Uganda, where forgiveness has been exemplified by Archbishop John Baptist Odama, who has exercised moral leadership in publicly calling for forgiveness, and Angelina Atyam, who forgave the abductors of her daughter and became a public advocate of forgiveness. The study concluded that Ugandans approve of and practice forgiveness widely, and consequently recommends a greater incorporation of forgiveness into the work of peace-building by both governmental and non-governmental organizations. 

Dr. Daniel Philpott, professor of law, led this project. The Pulte Institute provided technical assistance in collecting data.

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