Cholera Program Evaluation

Funded by: Catholic Relief ServicesCountry: HaitiDate Range: 2011-2013Project Lead: Pulte InstituteNotre Dame Collaborators: Eck Institute for Global HealthContact: Michael Sweikar

The Pulte Institute and the Eck Institute for Global Health conducted an evaluation of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS)-implemented cholera program in Haiti. CRS, among other institutions, oversaw a program funded by the Center for Disease Control to prevent the spread of disease in Haiti. The evaluation team worked with CRS and its partner institutions to measure the success of the program and uncover weaknesses that must be corrected to increase the campaign’s effectiveness. CRS and Notre Dame conducted surveys in the community that CRS partner hospitals serve to assess people’s understanding of cholera, including its symptoms, treatment, and prevention. The team observed whether Haitians changed personal hygiene behaviors, treated their drinking water, and properly disposed of fecal waste to help prevent the disease. The evaluation also assessed the effectiveness of the program’s outreach, including communicating details of cholera prevention, and ways to seek healthcare in the event of infection. The results of this evaluation assisted CRS and other agencies to determine the most effective ways of distributing potentially life-saving information to the at-risk population.

To read a final evaluation report on this project, click here.

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