Building Tomorrow's Schools

Funded by: Madden Family FoundationCountry: UgandaDate Range: 2014-2015Project Lead: Pulte InstituteNotre Dame Collaborators: Department of Political ScienceContact: Michael Sweikar

Notre Dame students and Pulte Institute staff conducted research in 2014 in preparation for new schools to be built by Building Tomorrow in Uganda. Dr. Jaimie Bleck, professor of political science, led the students in surveying the community to assess their needs. The team presented their research and conclusions to the Building Tomorrow staff with the goal of including the research findings into a framework for assessing new school sites. They also worked toward institutionalizing methods for grassroots pre-assessment, community-managed monitoring and evaluation, and feedback loops to Building Tomorrow. Research was completed in fall 2014, and the schools were built in 2015.

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