Opinion: As democracy wanes in Central America, citizens vote with their feet

Author: Heather Asiala

The Pulte Institute's Tom Hare and María Estela Rivero Fuentes have co-authored an op-ed in The Hill about the waning democracy in Central America. 

"We have seen in the past — and other political scientists have theorized and documented — where lack of confidence in elections and their outcomes can result in “foot voting,” or moving from one place to another as a form of voting instead of doing so at the box. When people — and especially youth who already have the highest propensity to migrate — see that the prospect for change through elections is low, alternatives to migration such as civic engagement shrink. As confidence declines in Central American democracies, we can expect to see less engagement and more migration."

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Originally published at thehill.com on November 19, 2021.