Professional Host Placements

Downtown South Bend And ND Campus

Each year, a group of Michiana-based organizations graciously open their doors to host anywhere from one or multiple Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellows. Throughout the four-week program, the YLAI Fellows spend four days a week during regular business hours shadowing their hosts. By doing so, the YLAI Fellows gain valuable professional development skills at entrepreneurial businesses, non-profits, or governmental organizations across the Michiana region and work jointly on a venture action plan to be implemented upon their return to their home countries.

Additionally, the YLAI Professional Fellows engage and support the host organizations on projects and offer unique, global perspectives to organizations looking to expand and reach new markets in an increasingly globalized world.

Each summer leading up to YLAI, NDIGD looks for host organizations willing to host and actively mentor the YLAI Fellows. In August, we typically learn more about that year's class of fellows' specific backgrounds, which in the past have included business, healthcare, technology, civic leadership, the arts, agriculture, and more. Our goal is to connect each YLAI Fellow with an organization as close to their respective sector of interest as possible, so that it is a mutually beneficial experience for both the fellow and the host organization. Despite their varied backgrounds, the common thread among all of the YLAI Fellows is that they will be entrepreneurs invested in starting or growing either a business or social entrepreneurial organization in their home countries.

2018 Host Placements

2017 Host Placements

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