Property Grabbing Evaluation

Funded by: International Justice MissionCountry: UgandaDate Range: 2013-2014Project Lead: Pulte InstituteContact: Lila Khatiwada

Property grabbing, a form of gender violence, is the act of dividing up property and household goods, leaving a woman homeless and without belongings. Women are particularly vulnerable upon the death of a husband or father, when they have recently been left widowed or orphaned. The Pulte Institute was contracted by the International Justice Mission (IJM) to conduct data analysis on household surveys from widows in Mukono County, Uganda. The Pulte Institute provided an analysis of IJM’s intervention strategies, better informing the program of the successes and pitfalls of their program. Ultimately, the feedback that the Pulte Institute provided was used to better meet the needs of victims of property grabbing. 

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