Food for Education: Benin

Funded by: U.S. Department of AgricultureCountry: BeninDate Range: 2014-2015Project Lead: Pulte InstituteContact: Danice Guzmán

The Pulte Institute provided a baseline study for a United States Department of Agriculture-funded Food For Education Program. Implemented by Catholic Relief Services, the program aimed to improve the literacy of school-aged children in Benin through the provision of lunch and take-home meals. Teachers participating in the program received training and were equipped with an adequate number of classroom supplies. Parents were taught about the value of educating their children, and school directors were trained to obtain administrative and management skills. It is hoped that the provision of school meals reduced absenteeism and increase school attendance. The Pulte Institute used both qualitative and quantitative methods to provide a baseline study, allowing for the measure of the program’s progress at its conclusion. The baseline study included all information necessary to understand the starting point for students, parents, teachers, and principals in the areas of nutrition, health, literacy and school attendance. 

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