Feed the Future Ethiopia

Funded by: Catholic Relief ServicesCountry: EthiopiaDate Range: 2019Project Lead: Pulte InstituteContact: Lila Khatiwada

In August 2019, Catholic Relief Services-Ethiopia (CRS-Ethiopia) commissioned the Pulte Institute to conduct a Midterm Evaluation of its Feed the Future Ethiopia “Livelihoods for Resilience” activity in Oromia.

This five year program (2017- 2022) is designed to promote sustainable economic well-being through on-farm (crop and livestock), off-farm, and employment livelihood pathways for the 24,500 households enrolled in the Government of Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme.

Pulte Institute researchers traveled to Oromia in August to meet with activity participants, implementing staff, and other pertinent stakeholders, conducting more than 55 focus groups and interviews over eight days. From this study, the team submitted an evaluation report to CRS-Ethiopia with eight priority recommendations to improve the impact of the activity. 

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