Efficient Cattle Herding

Funded by: Project Concern InternationalCountry: Ethiopia, TanzaniaDate Range: 2015-2016Project Lead: Pulte InstituteNotre Dame Collaborators: Pulte InstituteContact: Lila Khatiwada

The Pulte Institute worked with Project Concern International (PCI) to conduct a baseline study for the USAID-funded Satellite Assisted Pastoral Resource Management (SAPARM) program. SAPARM provides satellite-assisted maps to pastoralist communities throughout Ethiopia and Tanzania, allowing local populations to make informed decisions regarding when and where to herd their animals. Pastoralists rely heavily upon livestock as their livelihood, and the provision of the satellite-assisted maps ultimately aims to reduce the number of animal fatalities.

The Pulte Institute monitoring and evaluation specialists conducted a baseline survey in October and November of 2015. They oversaw the interviews of pastoralists throughout sixteen woreda in Ethiopia and three districts in Tanzania to better understand pastoralists' migratory patterns prior to program implementation. Monitoring and evaluation specialists sought to determine the impact of dry seasons on livestock, the average number of animal fatalities per year, and the sources of information currently relied upon for migratory patterns, among other factors. These finding will then be compared to an endline survey, providing PCI with a comprehensive picture of the program’s impact.

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