Data for Development: Chemonics International

Funded by: Chemonics International, Inc.Date Range: 2020-2022Project Lead: Pulte InstituteNotre Dame Collaborators: Pulte InstituteContact: Paul Perrin

The Data for Development (DfD) course was created for Chemonics International through a partnership with the Keough School of Global Affairs and the Pulte Institute for Global Development. The course was intended to teach individuals about data as it relates to international development and its broader application in the research world, including a focus in Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL). The DfD course was an incredible professional development opportunity, as Chemonics employees will leave with one or more certifications from the University of Notre Dame.

The flexibility of the course was one of its highlights—not only was the course self-paced, it could be accessed online from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The course was split into three levels, with six to seven modules per level. The modules contain a variety of interactive activities designed to engage the learner in creative and dynamic ways. DfD was taught by MEL specialists at the University of Notre Dame, experts in the field who have substantial real-world experience in data use and research in global development contexts. By the time the course was completed, Chemonics employees use their newly acquired skills to guide data-centered decisions in short and long-term work settings.


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