Katharina Anton-Erxleben

Evidence and Learning Senior Program Associate

Katharina Anton-Erxleben is the senior program associate within the Pulte Institute's Evidence and Learning Division. In addition, she serves as the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Director for the USAID-funded Supporting Holistic and Actionable Research in Education (SHARE) award, primed by the Pulte Institute. In this capacity, she oversees all of SHARE’s MEL and Knowledge Management aspects.

Dr. Anton-Erxleben has several years of experience working with USAID both in Washington and at the Mission level, where she managed and supported research and programs in education, childhood development, and gender-based violence prevention in schools, including research efforts on the relationship between school violence and learning outcomes and several large-scale impact and performance evaluations of basic education, school health, and childhood development programs.

As a Monitoring and Evaluation Fellow with USAID/Uganda, she also built capacity of Mission and Implementing Partner staff in developing MEL plans, performance management plans, evaluation designs and data collection tools and processes. In addition, she has experience in program design and implementation through her work with Raising Voices, a local NGO in Uganda, where she led the roll-out of a school-based violence prevention program as well as several research initiatives to inform new interventions, and oversaw the creation of program monitoring and evaluation systems with a focus on strengthening feedback loops between data and programs. Prior to joining the Pulte Institute, she has consulted for UNICEF, UNESCO, and other organizations.

Throughout her career, she has played a leadership role in global networks at the UN level, such as the UN Girls Education Initiative and the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, linking evidence from the field with policy advocacy, and has published in academic journals as well as for general audiences. She holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Neuroscience and an undergraduate degree in Psychology.