Highlight Video from the Notre Dame Forum on Global Development

Author: Michael Sweikar

Highlight Video from the Notre Dame Forum on Global Development 

Watch the highlight video from the November 10, 2011 day-long Forum on Global Development in Washington D.C. Speakers included participants from the United States Senate, the State Department, USAID, and the Department of Defense—as well as Notre Dame faculty, corporations, foundations, and humanitarian organizations.


We welcome you to view the short highlight video at:  www.globalforum.nd.edu

Panels addressed the urgency of achieving progress toward global development and the capability for providing a broad, integrated response to this evolving and urgent need as Congress debates the size and shape of the foreign aid budget.

Speakers offered concrete examples of how Notre Dame embraces a holistic approach, applying its research and training resources to the following global challenges: security and peacemaking, public health, infrastructure improvement, human development, energy, the environment and sustainability, governance and the rule of law, commerce and economic development, and education.

Wrapping up the program, Ambassador Tim Roemer said: “Today’s Forum on Global Development is just the beginning of a new initiative to join Notre Dame with businesses, government agencies and corporations, all working together to move America into the next century with a plan for sustainable development and a better world. It’s good to see so many people who are passionate about global development coming together and talking like this.”