The US isn’t ready for stronger hurricanes, experts say. How structures are built could help.

Author: Raleigh Kuipers

In an article published by USA Today, Tracy Kijewski-Correa, Acting Director of the Pulte Institute for Global Development and engineering professor at the University of Notre Dame, remarks on hurricane recovery efforts and the role that building codes play in damage mitigation. 

In addition to updating current building codes, Kijewski-Correa suggested a shift to a performance-based standard for home construction, which would allow homeowners to build above existing building codes. She also advocated for the US to adopt more proactive measures to increase safety and to increase consumer education.  

“I actually think the answer is educating consumers about their risk and giving them products in the market that allow them to make choices to better protect their family, and that allow them to voluntarily upgrade their home or retrofit it.”

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Originally published at on October 16, 2022.