In Ghana, Developing Skills to Transfer from One Language to Another

Author: Kara Kelly

Although access to education for Ghana’s children has increased dramatically in recent decades, literacy — both in English and local languages — has not seen the same improvement.

USAID/Ghana’s Transition-to-English Plus (T2E+) activity sought to bolster literacy nationwide by using various outreach tools, including radio lessons, teacher training, learning materials, and scripted curricula. The T2E+ activity began in 2021 to improve English reading skills by teaching knowledge and skills transferable from one language to another.  

In evaluating the program, SHARE analyzed its strengths and weaknesses. The study found the T2E+ activity effective at boosting literacy and identifying transferable lessons for other low- and middle-income countries facing similar challenges. “Comprehension and critical thinking skills gleaned from reading are critical to boosting students’ academic success,” Program Manager Bethany Little said. “Policy leaders working with stakeholders to foster language and literacy development can derive valuable insights from Ghana’s T2E+ activity, which supports children’s learning in multiple languages and the transfer of skills from one language to another.”