2022’s States that Vaccinate the Most

Author: Raleigh Kuipers

In an article published by WalletHub, Paul Perrin, Evidence and Learning Director at the Pulte Institute for Global Development, remarks on the roles of—and possible steps for—local authorities, the media, and educational institutions in the struggle to increase vaccination rates in the US. 

"Countering the anti-vaccination trend requires an accurate understanding of what is driving the trend. Even if we might disagree with certain views and choices, characterizing all groups that refuse vaccines as unhinged, ignorant sociopaths is unhelpful and only deepens the anti-vaccination trend.”

Perrin provided his expertise on steps local authorities should take, how to reduce vaccine exemptions to safeguard vulnerable populations, the role of the media in spreading or curbing vaccine hesitancy, and the effectiveness of mandatory vaccination at educational institutions. 

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Originally published at WalletHub.com on September 13, 2022.