The Association for the Progress of the Social Sciences (AVANCSO by its acronym in Spanish) is a research center that promotes a research model from and with civil society organizations, communities, and indigenous groups.

Country: Guatemala


Cristosal is an NGO founded by the Episcopal bishops Martin Barahona and Richard Bower. Cristosal’s mission is to promote justice, human rights, and democratic societies in Central America, through strategic litigation, research, learning, human rights monitoring, and assistance to victims of human rights violations. The principles that guide Cristosal are no discrimination, participation, learning, transparency, and responsibility.

Countries: El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras


Estado de la Nacion is an organization focused on academic research on sustainable human development. The organization produces information and data, as well analysis as and discussion of public interest topics. Their headquarters are in Costa Rica but they produce  analysis about all Central America. 

Country: Costa Rica


The Central American Institute of Social Studies and Development (INCEDES by its acronym in Spanish) is a civil association founded in 2005. Its work is focused on the study of public policies related to migration (especially the migration system Central-North America); as well as rule of law, governance, justice, and sustainable development.

Country: Guatemala


IUDOP is a social research center that is focused on the production and systematization of public opinion data. Its headquarters are in El Salvador but IUDOP is well known for its data on social, political, economic, and cultural issues from Central America. 

Country: El Salvador


NERAK is a social inclusion company. Recently, they have partnered with University Rafael Landivar to explore the level of inclusion and diversity in academia.

Country: Guatemala

UCA Observatory of Human Rights (OUDH)

The UCA Observatory of Human Rights (OUDH by its acronym in Spanish) monitors the human rights situation in El Salvador. They produce updated reports and other communication products such as newsletters, annual reports, and special research. 

Country: El Salvador

Pasionist Social Service Center (SSPAS)

The Passionist Social Service Center (SSPAS by its acronym in Spanish) is a human rights organization working on violence prevention and a culture of peace in El Salvador. The center produces research on three areas: Human rights violations; social violence, and public policy. Their research is based on statistical data, case studies, and testimonies collected by the center through their assistance to victims of human rights violations. 

Country: El Salvador

UCA Nicaragua

The University of Central America (UCA by its acronym in Spanish) in Nicaragua produces research on social and political topics of public interest in Nicaragua and Central America. The university has different research institutes, representatives of the social sciences institutes participate in CARA. 

Country: Nicaragua

National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH)

The National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH by its acronym in Spanish) participates in CARA through its Demography and Development Program, which produces research on the dynamics between the State and the Honduran population to contribute to the human and economic development of the country.

Country: Honduras

Universidad Rafael Landivar (URL)

University Rafael Landivar (URL) from Guatemala promotes education, research, social justice, and social development to influence the improvement of Guatemalan society. Researchers from different URL research centers participate in CARA. Their research is focused on political science, state transformation, political participation, inclusive economy, and territorial dynamics.  

Country: Guatemala


Arturo Matute

is a Guatemalan professional committed to human rights and social justice. He has 20 years of experience in Central America on project management, research, and political analysis. His research has focused on rule of law, citizen security, judiciary reform, and social development. 

Country: Guatemala

Eduardo Nuñez

is the Director of the Public Security Program from the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Central America. He participates in CARA as an individual and brings all his expertise of decades of experience on public policy and advocacy in Central America. NDI programs in the region are focused on anti corruption initiatives; safe dialogue spaces to promote democracy; governance and migration; citizen security; and political dialogue among other topics.

Country: Guatemala

Pauline Martín

is an independent consultant previously linked to the University of Central America (UCA El Salvador). She has been the coordinator and principal investigator of the research program on education under violence risk and conflict from the Master Program of Education Policy and Evaluation. 

Country: El Salvador