Reverse Exchange

The University of Notre Dame will welcome 14 YLAI Professional Fellows in late September 2018. While here, they will be sharing ideas, engaging with community partners, and will be actively mentored by member of the host organization. Each host organization will be a place where the YLAI Fellow feels like a valued member of a team and where they feel comfortable seeking career and business advice. The YLAI program recognizes this commitment and wants to encourage entrepreneurial exchange both during and after the four-week program. 

The YLAI program will offer all host organization the potential for regional collaboration and the opportunity to be selected to participate in the Fellows Program Reverse Exchange. The national grantee, Meridian International, will select up to 45 mentors from the 21 participating universities and city hubs to be selected to support the YLAI graduates back in their home countries. In order for mentors to qualify for this opportunity, they must be nominated. If selected, the mentor will be flown to one or several of the YLAI graduates' home countries in the Spring of 2019 to continue mentoring.