About the Program

Pulte Institute Faculty Fellows, upon acceptance of their nomination, are appointed up to a three-year term (or a term matched to the end of their faculty appointment, whichever is shorter), renewable upon completion. This appointment involves no additional compensation. Nomination is contingent upon the Fellows’ work and its identified relevance to the Pulte Institute strategic plan. Appointment is contingent upon the approval of the Dean of the Keough School of Global Affairs, the Primary Department Chair of the nominee, and the Senior Associate Provost. The Pulte Institute may, at times, invite Faculty Fellows to nominal commitments, designed to allow for the development of an internal community of practitioners, while ensuring minimal time taken from Fellows’ other responsibilities. In turn, the program ensures that Fellows receive tangible benefits from the Pulte Institute.

Benefits for Pulte Institute Faculty Fellows

The Pulte Institute Faculty Fellows program is designed to provide tangible benefits to Notre Dame faculty members through collaborative opportunities; premier access to Pulte Institute expert practitioners; and connections to research, grant opportunities, travel, and worldwide partnerships. Benefits include:

Proposal Development

  • Priority access to Institute assistance with proposal development when proposals are related to one or more of the Institute's five domains of thematic focus.
  • Bringing proposals to Pulte leadership, or other Pulte Faculty Fellows, for consideration under the above circumstances

Active Research 

  • Engagement with Pulte Institute active, externally-funded grant research projects, including access to full-time, Pulte Insititute research staff within the context of a given project
  • Potential to participate in grant-funded travel related to Pulte Institute education and research projects.
  • Potential to receive a course buyout, following external grant research funding partnered with the Pulte Institute. 

Services and Partnerships

  • Direct connection to the Pulte Institute's global network of 375+ organizational partners, including federal funding agencies, foundation, corporations, nonprofits, and institutions of higher education. 
  • Access to grant and project management support from Pulte Institute staff for funded research being done by Faculty Fellows.
  • The Pulte Institute will identify a suite of services both internally and externally at the university and make them available to Fellows through our partnerships. 

Joint Policy Initiatives

  • At times, the Pulte Institute may offer business development seed funding to Faculty Fellows who are building out policy initiatives that support the Pulte Institute's thematic areas. To be eligible for seed funding, policy initiatives should have the potential of leading to all of the following:
    • Large-scale policy impact
    • Significant external grant funding
    • Policy-oriented publications
    • The potential for Pulte Institute staff to manage, house, and brand the policy program

Policy Briefs

  • The Pulte Institute may offer Fellows opportunities to co-author policy briefs with Pulte Institute Visiting Policy & Practice Associates contributing policy and/or development practice expertise.
  • Fellows may write policy briefs on topics related to Pulte Institute thematic areas directly with the Pulte Institute. Pulte Institute communications experts will assist in editing, designing, and disseminating the policy brief.


  • Opportunity to participate in thematic events hosted by the Pulte Institute, as well as Pulte Institute co-sponsorship and support for Fellows’ events
  • Pulte Institute staff and faculty will prioritize requests for guest lectures and classroom visits to Fellows’ classes and seminars
  • Invitation to present at Pulte Institute staff meeting learning days

Outreach & Engagement

  • Receive assistance in promoting publications and research through the Pulte Institute's outreach channels, including social media, newsletters, Faculty Fellow Spotlight, or the Global Pathways Podcast.
  • Opportunities to join digital and in-person, collaborative working groups organized around the Institute's five domains of thematic focus. These groups will receive funding notifications related to their research and collaborate with other Fellows on proposal development opportunities. 

Reciprocal Benefits for the Pulte Institute

The Pulte Institute Faculty Fellows program also offers the Institute and its faculty and staff with beneficial results from mutual, deep collaboration with faculty across Notre Dame. Among other benefits, the Pulte Institute:

  • Receives direct access to and support from a dedicated group of professionals focused on developing research and projects related to the Pulte Institute's five domains of thematic focus.
  • Can request that Pulte Institute Faculty Fellows provide guest lectures or visits to courses taught by Pulte Institute faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Can request that Pulte Institute Faculty Fellows attend, participate in, or host Pulte Institute-sponsored events, workshops, conferences, or meetings. 
  • Can highlight Pulte Institute Faculty Fellows' research or strategic publications as part of its ongoing efforts to better the world.