Paul G. Hoffman Policy and Practice Visiting Associates Program

The Pulte Institute for Global Development seeks policy and practice experts on today's most compelling global issues to apply to join our Paul G. Hoffman Policy and Practice Visiting Associates Program.

While in residency, Hoffman Visiting Associates spend between one and six months on the University of Notre Dame's historic campus, working with Notre Dame faculty and researchers to write evidence-based, strategic publications that can positively influence global development policy and practice nationally or internationally through engaging key thought leaders; policymakers and government agencies; the private sector; and the academy.

Hoffman Visiting Associates are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis (see Apply to Become a Hoffman Visiting Associate for more information). Associates may be provided with a personal stipend and housing stipend. Their travel expenses, as well as any expenses related to publication submissions or publication presentations (e.g., conference fees, poster printing fee), may also be covered by the program.

The Pulte Institute administers the Hoffman Visiting Associates Program in close partnership with Notre Dame's Keough School of Global Affairs, and also works with various other colleges, schools, institutes, centers, and initiatives across Notre Dame to fund these associate positions.

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About Paul G. Hoffman

Paul G. Hoffman

Our Hoffman Policy and Practice Visiting Associates Program is named in the spirit of Paul G. Hoffman, president of the Studebaker Corporation in South Bend from 1935 to 1948, but better known as the implementer of the Marshall Plan from 1948 to 1950, and subsequently a founding father of global development as we know it today.

Hoffman was selected by President Harry S. Truman as the first administrator of the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA), which oversaw the Marshall Plan. Under his leadership, the Marshall Plan launched America’s first efforts to promote democratic freedoms, build markets, reduce hunger, and advance human welfare in Europe and newly independent states.

In time, the ECA was superseded by the relatively short-lived Mutual Security Agency (MSA), which nevertheless is significant as one of the organizational predecessors to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which has been one of the Institute's strongest, most frequent working partners since our founding in 2012.

Hoffman is credited with the following quote:

"With intelligence and humility and dedication as our ammunition, we can wage the peace throughout the world with a strength beyond armies, destroying nothing except hate and greed and distrust."

Today, the Pulte Institute endeavors to live up to Hoffman's idealism and vision for a more peaceful and prosperous world through programs like the Paul G. Hoffman Policy and Practice Visiting Associates Program.

By embodying the virtues of "intelligence and humility and dedication," our Hoffman Visiting Associates are more than just ordinary researchers or writers. Like Hoffman, they are visionary leaders and people of action who seek to fundamentally improve national and global policy and practice through informed, evidence-based research. If that sounds like you, we invite you to learn more about what Hoffman Visiting Associates do and how to apply to become one.