USAID cites Pulte Institute research tool in 2022-2026 Agency Learning Agenda

Author: Czesia Eid

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) featured the Private Sector Engagement  (PSE) Evidence Gap Map (EGM) in their 2022-2026 Agency Learning Agenda (see page 26). The EGM was created and launched in June 2020 by a team of researchers, led by the Pulte Institute for Global Development's Paul Perrin and Jaclyn Biedronski. It consolidates what is known about PSE to help organizations make evidence-based, informed decisions when engaging the private sector. The research team continues to add evidence resources to the EGM, and eventually, evidence synthesis reports will be created for priority topics. 

USAID pointed to the EGM, alongside other tools and activities in their newest Learning Agenda, as a basis for advancing and informing sustainable business solutions as they relate to the private sector. As this tool continuously gets updated, it fills gaps in knowledge that are crucial for business development and PSE globally.