Exploring the Power of Partnerships

LASER PULSE Private Sector Engagement Workshop

June 1 - 2, 2020 at the University of Notre Dame

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The private sector plays a critical role in reducing the need for foreign assistance by mobilizing private investment, resources, and technical expertise to organizations who deliver development activities across the globe. Despite its importance, many development organizations lack an understanding of how to effectively engage with the private sector to create better outcomes for communities

The Pulte Institute for Global Development, part of the University of Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs, will bring together its premier, private sector partners to explore key questions facing development agencies as they seek to engage with the corporate world:

  • How can organizations more effectively engage the private sector in its objective to improve development outcomes, while also meeting business objectives?
  • What are the major barriers that private sector companies confront as they engage in business to improve social, environmental, and governance outcomes?
  • How can development organizations capture private sector success stories for the benefit of their programs? 
  • How can organizational requirements on co-financing, governance, partnerships, and evaluation both incentivize and disincentivize private sector collaboration?

This two-day workshop will explore innovative ways to engage with development agencies and the necessary components that need to be implemented to promote further private sector engagement.

Why should my company participate?

Recognizing that the private sector brings a wide range of experience in identifying sustainable and scalable solutions; we believe this workshop will provide reciprocal benefits by allowing your company to:

  • Provide expert input into upcoming USAID priority themes, such as smart cities, sustainable development, and climate change
  • Position itself as ‘first in line’ for upcoming development partnerships and projects with USAID
  • Share and receive tangible examples of successful engagement with development organizations, including case studies and frameworks
  • Encourage future collaborations with development partners and other private sector organizations


For more details about the workshop agenda, travel and accommodation, or participant information, please contact Edward Jurkovic, Program Manager, at ejurkovi@nd.edu or +1 (574) 631-9856.