Water and Human Rights, Unlocked: A Guide for Water-Intensive Industries


Location: Online Event


Water-intensive industries like the beverage, agriculture, garment, hydropower, and mining sectors can cause some of the biggest threats to the human rights of local and indigenous communities, especially surrounding water. Yet, what does protecting associated human rights actually entail — and how can corporate and government actors truly fulfill their ethical and legal obligations beyond current practices of monitoring violations? 

Legal, governance, and water experts from the University of Notre Dame and industrial actor BHP will unveil a first-of-its-kind, actionable framework that stakeholders can use to proactively implement the right to water in their project designs and policies, one that engages community voices and tailors the approach to contextual needs and regulations.

Participants should leave the session with a new tool that can identify potential impacts to the right in their future operational settings.

This event is part of World Water Week 2022, the leading conference on global water issues. 



Ray Offenheiser
William J. Pulte Director, Pulte Institute for Global Development
University of Notre Dame

Marc Muller
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
University of Notre Dame

Diane Desierto
Professor of Law and Global Affairs
Faculty Director, LL.M. in International Human Rights Law
University of Notre Dame

Ellis Adams
Assistant Professor of Geography and Environmental Policy
University of Notre Dame

Georges Enderle
John T. Ryan Jr. Professor Emeritus of International Business Ethics, Mendoza College of Business
University of Notre Dame

Elizabeth Dolan
Innovation and Practice Research Associate, Pulte Institute for Global Development
University of Notre Dame

Tom Purekal
Innovation and Practice Program Director, Pulte Institute for Global Development
University of Notre Dame

Jed Youngs
Practice Lead Water Stewardship

Anne Dekker
Vice President Environment